Tuesday, December 7, 2010

50% off for MENS!!!!

Yes indeed, gentlemens, now is  YOUR 50% off week!

All the mens kimonos on the  first floor of the shop ( left wall)  are on sale!!! 

 Its the best time to grab a full formal outfit for the hollidays celebrations!!!

At the Ancient Tree Kimono Shop only!
Heres a few sample of what youll find:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

sale is over

well yes, everything comes to an end.

This was the lady's round and in a couple days mens will be servec as  the 50% off sale will be on mesns tuffs this time!

 Ill announce very soon!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

50% off time!

Indeed you might have noticed im not big on blogging. Im not big on free time either!!!

So,  in an effort to try to make up for the lack of action at the Ancient Tree, heres a little  sale!!!
50% off on several recent womans kimonos!!!

Easy to locate its all those on the back wall of the shop, first floor only.

it will last a few days only, so dont miss the opportunity to refill on kimonos ;D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another hunt!

Haa yes, its that time of the year again, when i enjoy having hunts .

Sooo while im still considering which christmas hunt i will join ( suggestions are welcome)   we now have the Voodoo doll hunt that is running now up to the end of October.

For this one, no one s left behind. One hidden gift but packed with a men and a women's gift.

The Hint:

"The rising sun, is the answer to elevate yourself."

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hint!! The Hint!!!

Sorry all,i  forgot to post the Hint for the Make Him Over Hunt.

As usual my shop is definitaly not the hardest, as i hate to have people pissed off in my zen environment.;)

Sooo, where was I..?  Ha yes, the hint... well... the thing is around something that is  red... And to make it short for you, its not the big red tree in the middle im talking about.

And its not on the women's side of the shop either...

Speaking of women's  you should pass by as i have  some new Tomesode kimonos in store.


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Make Him Over Hunt # 4

4th Edition of this successful, fun and well organized hunt!!!

My gift this time is a exclusive-to-this-hunt version of the above mentionned  black asian uniform.
This one come with a short sleeve shirt on top of the normal outfit!

i will publish the hint when the hunt starts, on the 20th!

New male outfits !!

Yes, i know its been a long  time! 
So without  waiting any longer,here's what we have for you!

A new collection of 'asian uniforms'.A very simple yet classy outfit that will guarantee you to look good  in the laggyest situations!   

For now in 3 different colors,black red and blue.

Feel free to ask for more options!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New kimono releases

So, in order of appearance, we have a brand new formal tomesode kimono called "The Koifish legend Kimono"
It illustrates the famous japanese  legend  called " The dragon gate on the yellow river".

The  koi fish succeeds in climbing a fall called the (dragon gate on the yellow river) and would transform into a dragon. Because of the legend the koi became a huge symbol for worldly advancement and aspiration .

Then i also put for sale the Cherry Blossom II Kimono. This one is a re edition of the 1 rst version that has always been an extremely popular model at The Ancient Tree.  It comes in the geisha version only, but it comes with an animated fan. This one  has a special price!!!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

New hunt at the Ancient Tree

Therefore, free kimonos!

It s the Needle in a Haystack Hunt going on for the month of August!

The gifts are a formal tomesode kimono in the geisha version for women and a black koifish yukata with stripped hakama for men. The decorative katana is included as well.

Both are new releases!

Ho and here are the official hints:

i have been lost  between  something that refresh you and a formal attire.


  its just over the top

Dont forget, women s clothng are on the right side of the store, and the men's section is the left side!

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big remodeling at The Ancient Tree Sim

 Still going up to the end of the Month, but the major changes you can see are:

The Mens shop is gone!!!   Dont worry, only the build is. All the mens kimonos are  back inside the Main Building, on the left side. Thats where the Zashiki-gi collection was. Toshiha took a separated building at the other corner of the sim. There is still plenty of room for a lot of addition in the future!!!

This allowed me some free prims and space which i am actually transforming in a nice  garden and water feature area with hanging and dancing spots,  a boat where you can fish and relax, and the sushi bar is always there for  your enjoyment!!!

 From the landing point, on the dock, you can access all the public areas.
The Main Store of course, largest building on the Sim, the sushi bar and all the exteriors areas are there for you.

Another big new addition will be the texture store. Located where the Ancient Tree Market actually is, and where i already sell textures.  It will follow a owner change in the business, my friens MOon Starship who already contributes to the textures creation will take ownership of it all, to simplify business management. It s now called Universal textures Studio, and the complete change will be seen at the end of the month! Check this place for high quality architectural textures!!!

So, i invite you to pass by the Ancient Tree, to see all that is  new and enjoy the new public areas!!!  Suggestions are welcome because, in the end all this is for you!!!

Dont forget there is some space left for rental, dont wait too long! one big corner of sim  left!!!

Also, there is still  the Texture Manias Hunt going on  at the texture store, and in August i will have another hunt with free male and female kimonos!

In the meantime, dont forget almost all the kimonos in store have been reduced, except the newest releases!

Enjoy your stay and pass by often, as i dont always announce the promotions, as notices in sl are so oftenly bypassed and annoying.

Your humble kimono maker,

Solene Hoisan